Portfolio Clinic by DesignSingapore Council (DSG) Associates Network

  • National Design Centre, Training Rooms 1 - 2, Level 2
  • 15 Mar 2018
  • 7pm - 9pm
  • Free, registration required
The portfolio clinic is an opportunity for prospective design students and Dsg Scholarship applicants to present their works to practising designers and academia. Reviewers offer their opinions and feedback, and participants gather advice on how to strengthen their portfolio in preparation for school or scholarship applications. There will be representatives from the visual communications, fashion, architecture, product and industrial design, digital media and service design fields.
Event is free but registration is required via Eventbrite. Each review is 15 minutes. 

To register: https://www.eventbrite.sg/d/singapore--singapore/dsg-associates-network/?q=Dsg+Associates+Network&loc=Singapore%2C+Singapore&date=

Last Modified:  04 Mar 2018

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