The Best Finds in Bugis Village

By Bras Basah Bugis on Feb 2017

Prized for its street eats and trendy finds, Bugis Village is a paradise for youths and bargain hunters. A sprawling marketplace located in Bras Basah.Bugis, it’s easy to get lost in this multi-storey maze crammed with a mishmash of affordable fashion apparel, local delights and quirky knick-knacks.

Battling the crowds and fighting the temptation of a little retail therapy of our own, we spent an afternoon hunting for the best buys in this pocket-friendly place.


First stop: Ah Huat Traditional Bread (MSQ-15)


Miss the good old days of kaya butter toast? Toast Box or Ya Kun aren’t the only places to get your fill of the nostalgic old school snack. Situated in the heart of level one at Bugis Village, Ah Huat Traditional Bread offers not just variations of your local favourite toasts, but also traditional bread buns starting at just a dollar and even hotdogs wrapped in roti prata too.



Savour croissants at $1.50, chicken floss buns and sugar rolls at $2.



Buns being freshly prepared behind the counter. Their kaya and peanut butter spreads are

available for sale too so you can whip up your own snack whenever you like.


Second stop: #02-08 

To make up for its lack of a name on its signboard, this store is stocked full of fluffy eye-catching ponchos, plushies, bags, keychains and neck rest pillows that come in a kaleidoscope of colours which make it hard to miss. Drawing the crowds with its soft-as-marshmallow adorable bunny cushions and familiar-looking Pokémon keychains, #02-08 also sells trendy choker necklaces at $4 and other fashion accessories at just a dollar each.



Adorable velvety backpacks that you can cuddle with, going at $20.


Furry bunny keychains, $10 to $12, of every colour imaginable to adorn your handbag.


Are Pokémon merchandise making a comeback with the Pokémon GO craze?


Third stop: Ned's Crêpe (#02-07)


Whatever crêpe you’ve been dreaming of, Ned's Crêpe probably makes it. A yummy accompaniment as you attend to your shopping needs, be spoilt for choice just a hop away from the plushie store. Serving up the French snack at less than $5, whether you’re craving something sweet, savoury, crispy or chewy, this takeaway stall has got you covered. Indulge in a refreshing fruity crêpe topped with a dollop of whipped cream, or a rich nutella crêpe with banana, strawberry, cheese or marshmallow filling to your fancy.


Customers waiting for their freshly-made crêpes.



Ned's Crêpe serves up ice-cream, cheesecake, and drinks too!


Fourth stop: Boutique Accessories (CYSL2)

If you’re looking for something unique to call your own, Boutique Accessories is the place to pop by. Found by the corner escalator at level two, this little store customises key rings, pouches and passport covers. Take your pick from dozens of designs and colours, decide on a name and charm you’d like to personalise it with and this little store does the work for you. Made from PVC leather, personalised pouches go at one for $13 and two for $22, while passport covers go at one for $12 and two for $20.


Sample passport covers after name-stamping.

From Hello Kitty keychains to plain pouches, there’s plenty to choose from.


Last stop: # (#03-49)

Yes, #coolvibes at this one. As we dug a little deeper to find an apparel store worth talking about, the aesthetics of this corner store on the third floor really stood out. An illuminated signage that sets a moody yet calming ambience, fashion-forward finds are aplenty at #. Selling chic female apparel at under $60, you’re bound to find an Instagram-worthy #ootd here.



Outfit displays for some fashion inspiration.



Female apparel on sale starting at $10.

While combing through the entire sea of shops at Bugis Village would probably take more than a whole afternoon’s time, we swear by this gem of a hotspot if you’re gift-shopping on a tight budget or seeking bang for your buck.