Co-working in Singapore's hippest district

By Bras Basah Bugis on Feb 2017

One of the first things you learn as a freelancer is how to cope with loneliness whilst working from home. And for those who prefer to venture out, every cafe is a brutal war-zone for the good seats, power sockets and the most precious resource of all: Wi-fi bandwidth.

With the rise of the gig economy, it’s no wonder that co-working has taken off like wildfire. It combines all the useful amenities of an office with the laidback atmosphere of your favourite hipster cafe. Instead of wasting your money on sugary frappuccinos and pitiful Wi-Fi, here are four of the coolest co-working spaces you can sign up for close to the hipster heart of Bras Basah.Bugis.







Images by BIGwork

Wedged between the golden triangle of PoMo, Hotel Rendezvous and SOTA is BIGwork, the first ever South-east Asian co-working space.

If you’re having trouble visualizing it from your boring office cubicle, just think of the coolest Google-style campus you can imagine. Then drop it right smack in the middle of BBB. That’s BIGwork for you.

The ‘chic and funky’ space has an onsite gym where you can sweat away those Monday blues. It offers childcare services for working parents and there are 20 conference rooms available for use - more than enough to contain all of the clients and employees for your next big startup.

The main working space has 130 co-working ‘hot desks’, but you can also turn to the peaceful privacy of ‘The Pod’, which is an enclosed bubble where you and your minions can plot world domination in serenity.

When world domination gets too stressful, get an artisanal Huggs coffee from their cafe and relax on the lovely green turf of BIGwork’s ‘Greenery’.

Opening hours: Weekdays 9am - 8pm, Weekends 9am - 3pm
Where: #01-01, 30 Prinsep St, Singapore 188647


PlusConcept | No.36


Images by PlusConcept


What do Singaporeans and Germans have in common? We are efficient, we have no sense of humour and we partnered to create PlusConcept, the most sought-after and stylish workspace in the city.

Seriously, PlusConcept belongs in a Tom Ford catalogue.

On the outside, it’s a beautifully restored Chinese shophouse on Purvis Street. Nothing old-school about the interior though. The office itself is chic, minimalist and dressed in muted tones of grey, black and dark oak.

Unlike many co-working spaces that sell themselves on their exciting tech events, PlusConcept prides itself on recreating the feel of an intimate private office. It is focused on productivity and it supports its members with a close-knit business community.

Best of all, there’s a free flow of coffee in the pantry and 24/7 access with your own key. You can work on that crucial business pitch till the next morning if need be!

Opening hours: Flexible
Where: Multiple locations along Purvis Street


Impact Hub


Images by Impact Hub

There are so many interesting things about Impact Hub that one doesn’t know where to begin.

For a start, your ‘Hub Host’ will greet you with a warm smile the moment you step in. She’s a friendly ear, an office guru and your welcoming guide to Impact Hub’s beautiful premises at Prinsep Street.

On your right, there’s a barista serving up fresh java. Inside, there are tables, rooms and work desks aplenty to suit whatever odd working arrangements you’ve invented on the fly.

However, do not let the colourful decor fool you into thinking that Impact Hub is a glorified playground for adults. The company prides itself on being a collaborative community of ‘entrepreneurs, creatives and techies.’

Its famous residents include augmented reality app Blippar and Braintree, a payment solutions start-up acquired by Paypal for USD$800 Million. Tech aside, Impact Hub also hosts 10 venture capital funds and has housed prestigious partners from the government, university and corporate sectors. You’ll see familiar names like J.P. Morgan and Deloitte.

It probably seems a little daunting but there’s really no better place to learn and fulfill your Silicon Valley fantasies. Impact Hub has experienced mentors who are ready to advise you on the best way to transform that drinking game app idea of yours a profitable reality.

Opening hours: 6.30am - 11pm
Where: #01-01,128 Prinsep Street,Singapore 188655

According to an American economic research study, working in a non-office environment improves your productivity by a staggering 22%. That’s 22% more time you could then use to sip craft beer in a Bras Basah.Bugis hipster bar.

So whether you’re a freelance programmer, a technopreneur or just a lonely creative, it may be time to give up those uncomfortable Starbucks bar stools to join a co-working space. Follow the great example of Sir Isaac Newton, who discovered gravity while hot-desking under an apple tree!